How Many Students are Registered for the 16-17 School Year?

At the moment the school has around 80 students dispersed among grades K-8.

Have all the snow days had an effect on the school?

Yes.  Because of large amount of snow fall that we have seen so far, we have canceled holidays.  We have also extended the school period on Fridays to compensate for the lost time.

How do I change my K12 password?

Your K12 password must be changed once a year, according to the state laws.

To do this, Go to the K12 Data Center site; click on "members site" (top right); click on "sign in"; click on tab "account information" and you should see a blue link in the top right portion of the page that reads "change password". If not, there should be a "email services" tab you can click on, then "change password" option.